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cordelia_sue wrote:

April 21st, 2013 - 01:09 pm

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  • Last Tuesday, I went to see Bat For Lashes with kennapea, Trey, and our friend Marcedes. It was awesome.

  • We had a pretty hard week with the kids last week. I'm hoping that this week will be better. I cried last night, from worry/stress about the coming week. The kids did get sick at the end of the week, so maybe they just weren't feeling well leading up to it. It was hard, though.

  • Yesterday was Henna Moon's first day at the Farmer's Market. I stopped into say hello and got conscripted for an hour's worth of work. It was fun. I'll be working off and on with them all summer at the Farmer's Market, and we have a wedding gig on the San Juan Islands, all travel expenses paid plus a nice sized fee, for four hours work. Sweet.

  • Tory and I worked in the garden on Thursday, our first time. It was such fun. We're going to rock the shit out of this garden.

  • We harvested more nettles on Friday, another 10 lbs. or so. I don't know how many more harvests we'll be able to get before they're too big (anything over knee height can cause kidney damage due to hardened silica), but damn if we aren't loving them while we can. They tend to cost $14 - 16/lb. around here. Free, nutrient rich, seasonal food is the best! Nettle risotto for dinner tonight. Yum.

  • The biggest news: Tory and I are going to move into this house together, and Trey is going to move out. Trey was going to stay living here, but because of the kids and all, it's better if we stay here, and he's willing to let us keep the house. He'll still come over and garden and cook with us and stuff. And for a few months in the summer, we're all going to be staying here, with Tory and I sleeping in a tent in the backyard. Ha. It'll be fine. Really. Cheaper rent for everyone too. Tory moves in at the beginning of June, right after our road trip to Northern California.

  • Things are seriously serious between us. I am so happily monogamous, and don't see that changing. It's great.

  • After the dogs are out of the house, we're gonna get some ducks! Ducks eat slugs, and slug larvae, and slug eggs, and make duck eggs. Awesome.

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Date:2013-04-21 09:18 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for the tart, sweetie. it was delish! and congrats on the moving in together! it sounds like the start of a great adventure.
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Date:2013-04-21 11:33 pm (UTC)
I love your life :)
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