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cordelia_sue wrote:

April 25th, 2013 - 01:36 pm

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So the other day Trey and Tory were at work, and Trey realised he still had a bit of cleanup from the Co-op party where Tory and I met. Trey said to Tory, "Yep, I'm finally dumping this lemonade. This lemonade is older than your relationship." LOL!

Jokes aside, everything is going really well. We've all been hanging out together more, and it's great. Tory and I have been working in the garden a lot and having a blast doing it. He wrote a song about it. On nights when I have the kids, he tends to come over in the afternoon (if he hasn't been here all day), stays for dinner (which he usually helps me make), then when it's time for the kids to go to bed, we go back to his place. It's a nice routine, though I look forward to the day when we are all here together all the time.

Yesterday we took the kids to the Marine Life Center, which is a favorite place of theirs, partly because the woman who runs it is a good friend of ours and absolutely dotes on my little budding marine biologists. She wasn't going to be there that day, but she busted ass to get out of class in time to come see us. Such a treat! She had the boys feeding all the creatures, talking all the while about them. She is passionate and knowledgable, and loves sharing that with others, especially children.

We got to see Shuksan, the Pacific Giant Octopus who was put into the tanks the day that we went on the boat to have Dulse (another Pacific Giant) released back into the wild. Shuksan was about 3 - 5 lbs. that day in December, and is now at least 13 lbs. He's grown so fast! They also have an East Pacific Red Octopus who is fully grown, barely a double handful of a beautiful little creature. They have short lifespans, so they'll probably be able to keep her until she dies, and we're hoping that she'll lay eggs first. There's a chance that they were fertilized a while back, so we might even get octopus babies! So cool.

In the early evening, the kids got picked up by their dad, Tory went home to work on his song, and I took a nice shower and put on a pretty dress. I met him back at his place, we got a cup of coffee, then went downtown to play skeeball and pool. We had SO MUCH FUN. We are pretty evenly matched at pool, in that neither one of us is very good, but we sure had fun playing. So much fun, we're going to do it again today. :) Then he's going to paint my toenails, haha.

I've spent the mid-morning and early afternoon making dinner for everyone. I'll leave Trey's portion here, and bring mine and Tory's over to his place. I'm happy I can still cook for Trey pretty often, and Tory feels spoiled rotten. I guess I'm a pretty good cook.

Tomorrow night, Tory and I are going to go out for a fancy dinner. I won a gift certificate to one of the nicer restaurants in town, and I'm really looking forward to having a night out with my favorite boy.

We are so in love, we hardly know what to do with it. I've been on the verge of tears for days, my heart is so full.

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